Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting the itch

Started to get the itch to create something.... trying to get a focus for it - I think it will be a building - round barn - castle - maybe a castle! That would probably keep me occupied for some time.... I need something with lots of challenge.... then I start thinking - not a good idea when you want to create - think about not having space to just let my supplies out so I can pick them up again quickly when I want to work on it again..... 4 inside cats...... lots of small things for them to play with.... would have to pack everything back up every time I wanted to work on it..... See, this is what stops me every time. I love my furballs but they can be a PITA! Someday, I will figure something out.....A cart or table that rolls so I can roll it out of the way... nah. no place to roll it to. ..... still thinking.....

On A Roll

Okay, so if you don't post in a couple of months, guess that means you have a lot to say when you finally do post.... Times are scary. Orders are down. But ya still have to buy inventory for what is selling.... but vendors have their minimums so you try to keep everything tight.... Would love to get some new products but minimums being $500 or more - well - that kinda stops you from going forward. Feel like I am rambling here.... Maybe I should go over to I read where they pay you to write articles. Now if I really had something to write about, I would probably do that for some extra income. Those of you who have tutorials, rambles, etc should write and get paid for it. Yeah, it might not be much but once you get a following, it could add up. Some people are making a living at doing it...... Check it out for yourself though.

Been a while- life happens

Yes, its been months. Life happens sometimes and everything just goes to pot! LOL Recently we decided that the house needs repainted. The rooms are needing some refreshment. So, this is a big job since we have The Clay Alley inventory in every room - this is going to take some time and patience. First day we got the ceiling in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom done! Wow..... okay, maybe we can do this! The next day we started the living room..... well. got the ceiling and 2 walls done...... next day, did the other 2 walls...... took another 2 days to move everything back in its place.... by now, the rest of the house is in need of attention.... mow the grass, do the laundry, cats need their nails cut, ah well.... next room is a biggie.... not a big room - just gobs of stuff in there. Lots of inventory - shipping boxes, bubble wrap,,,,, yeah, you get the idea. A real mess..... gonna start packing it up here this week - might get a chance to paint by Thurs or Fri...we'll see

More on Fiber optic lights

I just thought of this but have not tried it yet. .... what if you were to color the strands with pinata inks? Would the lights then be different colors? Its an experiment that I have to try some day soon