Saturday, December 19, 2009

Windows are in

A couple of weeks ago we found out that all our windows in the house needed replaced. Tried to get someone local to come and give me an estimate but no one called me back. So I called Home Depot. Within minutes I had an appointment for the next business day for someone to come and give me a price. Then within a couple of days, I had someone come and take the final measurements. In a week they called to tell me the windows were in and scheduled a day for the crew to come and install them.

They came yesterday to install. 10 windows including one picture window and 2 large units. It took all day but I have to say I am a happy camper! These guys were the best! Took pride in their work and it showed. One guy was outside and one inside and they worked like clockwork.

Today its the big snowstorm and we are expecting 12 inches of snow. I can tell you that right now we have more than that on the ground and its only 12:30 pm Sat. I expect we will get at least that much more this afternoon and tonight. Here we are snug as a bug in a rug with new windows watching it snowing! Know I have to go out and snow blow the driveway and fill the bird feeders but right now I am enjoying just watching it snow. Right now is when its pretty. After I get outside, the joy will quickly be followed by exhaustion, cold fingers, cold toes, and I'll be a bear by the time I get back inside. LOL the joys of winter in PA.