Sunday, March 24, 2013

SodaStream soda maker

I totally love soda and have decided that all the bad news about diet soda made me look for alternatives.   So after much consideration, I went with  a SodaStream.  Especially when I can locally get a restaurant tank and get the fizz without the $15 refills from a retailer.  How does it taste you would like to know?  Like outta the can soda! I am a root beer gal and the sodastream syrup tastes just like the brand I buy.  The lemon lime is perfect for 7up, and the orange... again fantastic!  So I think I will be using this more and more.  And the syrup is $4.97 at Walmart.  Makes around 50 liters which is more than 100 cans of soda!  You can make one liter at a time, switch it up, make whatever flavor you want.  This is so cool!

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